• You installed Twinmotion on a physical machine
        > Please note that Twinmotion isn't officially supported on virtual machines yet.
  • Make sure that your hardware meets the system requirements of Twinmotion.
        > Please note that if your computer fulfills the minimum system requirements only, you may not be able to work with larger Twinmotion documents. You may experience a low performance from the software. 
           It’s suggested to use a computer with the recommended configuration for Twinmotion to work with documents of average complexity and polygon number.
    Comparisons of the graphic cards (minimum points to run Twinmotion : 6000) : here
  • Make sure that your system is up to date.
  • You installed Twinmotion on the admin session.
  • Set your display scale on 100% and restart your computer.

YOUR GRAPHIC CARD (Windows users)

  • Make sure that driver of your graphic card is up to date.
        > Outdated graphic drivers may stop the geometry loaded into scene. Look for the latest drivers for your graphics at the manufacturer's homepage.
  • Set Twinmotion to use your graphic card and not the Intel one (here)


  • Check if Twinmotion is up to date
        > Path : Help menu/Check for Update
  • Exclude Twinmotion folders of your antivirus, firewall and cleaner and make sure you have the full rights on them.

        > Paths :    
           C:\Program Files\Twinmotion 201x  
           C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Twinmotion 201x
           Macintosh HD/Applications/Twinmotion 201x
           Macintosh HD/Users/<user>/Documents\Twinmotion201x

           Macintosh HD/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Abvent

           Macintosh HD/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Epic

           Macintosh HD Users/<user>/Library/Preferences/Twinmotion

  • Reinstall Twinmotion with these last disabled.
  • Clean the hidden files of Twinmotion
  • On Windows, run Twinmotion with a right click and Run as administrator.


  • Your files shouldn't be stored on a server or in a synchronized folder, but on your local machine
  • Check the name of your file, it shouldn't contain any specific character (ü, ?, é, &,...)
  • Check the name of the paths where you store your files, they shouldn't contain any specific character either
  • Check if you experience crashing event with any Twinmotion document.
        > Try with the Twinmotion DEMO file : File/Demo scene/Material room

In case this checklist did not help you to sort out the issues, open a new ticket in our Support Center.
Share your experience with us. Confirm if you already checked the listed things above.